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We continuously send RETS listings and updates to your WordPress website as they happen in the real world, instantly.

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Service Level Agreement

As a business, we know that you depend on your MLS information to be accurate and for our synchronization systems to be operating 100% of the time. This Service Level Agreement (SLA) outlines our guarantee to you as a subscription holder, and what you are entitled to in the unlikely event your synchronization service becomes unavailable.

100% Operational uptime to the ci synchronization service

We guarantee that your synchronization service will be operating 100% of the time in a given month, excluding scheduled maintenance.

If an outage occurs, we will issue a credit to your next bill for 5% of your monthly fee for every 30-minute period of downtime, up to 100% of your fee for the month.

Please keep in mind

This SLA does not apply to downtime resulting from Customer's WordPress site or the MLS service, or both (not within the primary control of Usability Dynamics, Inc.). This SLA applies to the synchronization service, and excludes any services or tools not explicitly mentioned, including but not limited to MLS access, RETS credentials or WordPress site operations.

Receiving the credit

Customers must request the credit from within 30 days of the outage. Failure to contact within 30 days will result in a forfeiture of the Customer's right to receive the credit. No cash refunds will be provided.

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